Colombia Calling - The English Voice in Colombia

This week in Colombia Calling Episode 193 we are pleased to have Simon Winograd back on the show. This time though, we get Winograd, a Michigan native, and Director of Customized Academic Programs for the Colombian Project ( to talk about his work here in-country and also introduce you to Sam Johnston of Victoria, BC, Canada about his internship at the Paloma y Angostura company in Bogotá. Read the blog here (

Having met in Chiapas, Mexico Winograd and Johnston hit it off and the long and short of it resulted in the latter coming down to work with a Colombian fashion label that seeks to build peace through design by creating jobs for former combatants of the Colombian conflict. How cool is this? Extremely, I'd say. 

So, tune in to hear about how two people are pitching in and making a difference in Colombia.

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