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Changing things up a little in Episode 203, Colombia Calling heads out to a new cultural event in Bogotá to record at "A Moveable Fiesta." This shindig , hopefully to become an annual event, was the brain child of various authors and artists in Bogotá who felt that it was time to launch something alternative and open which could include Colombians and foreigners alike. 

So, for Ep203, we recorded a three segment show with Seg 1 being a short intro to the event before people arrived, our hopes and fears for A Moveable Fiesta. For Seg 2 I record a short piece of live theatre put on by the Bogotá Anglo Theatre co who perform Edward Albee's "the Zoo Story" in something that is reminiscent of an old BBC radio play, and finally, in Seg 3, it's a frank conversation and some feedback between myself and author Victoria Kellaway reflecting on how the event has been received. 

So, tune in if you want to learn about a new event which showcases new authors, photographers, theatre, chocolate, coffee, painting and so much more!

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