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While the story and characters in A Reluctant Warrior are fictitious, they are based on events Kelly Brooke Nicholls witnessed first-hand while living and working in Colombia. During this time, she interviewed thousands of victims of paramilitaries, guerrilla and drug cartels. She knows Buenaventura, where the novel is set, intimately, including the most notorious neighborhoods where foreigners rarely venture. She worked closely with the former Andean Director of the Drug Enforcement Administration to help her realistically map the events in this novel.

And, of course, we have Kelly here on Colombia Calling telling us about her experiences in and love for Colombia and the people, how her book came about, opening up about threats hurled at her by a former president and some thoughts on current-day Colombia. 

Tune in for an excellent episode of Colombia Calling which ties human rights, politics and literature all in one in a neat package.

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