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You asked, we listened and delivered! Ep274 of the Colombia Calling podcast deals with cycling in Bogotá with none other than one of the original city cyclists, El Mono Nuñez. So, in an enjoyable and flowing conversation, we sit down with el Mono and discuss his book, ‘Mi cicla y yo’, and reflect with a certain nostalgia, a time past in Bogotá. 

The images in El Mono's book hark back to a time past in Colombia, a time of more innocence and space, when Bogotanos felt a sense of belonging in their city and when it may well have been, "The Athens of South America."

So, tune in to hear about cycling in Bogotá through the eyes of a keep cyclist and Bogotano, a man who hitchiked in the 1980's from the capital to Cartagena, who worked as a cycle courier in London and now plies his trade as a voice over artist.

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