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On Ep285 we welcome back Wally Broderick (Ep135 Prisons in Colombia) who is now involved in a fascinating project of brewing craft beers with ex FARC guerrillas now reincorporated into Colombian society. 

In the area La Fila of the municipality of Icononzo in the department of Tolima, location of the "Territorial Space for Training and Reincorporation" ETCR Antonio NariƱo, inhabited by ex-guerrillas of the FARC EP, a group of men and women prepare 150 liters of beer weekly. 

This beer is known as "La Roja", and can be easily recognized by the telltale revolutionary star on the label. 

This venture began in mid-September 2018, and by all accounts is now a success with various bars, pubs and restaurants around the country stocking the irsh-style brew.

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