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Colombia Calling - The English Voice in Colombia

The Colombia Calling podcast is your first stop magazine-style podcast for everything you ever wanted to know about Colombia. Interviewing experts in the travel industry, deciphering the politics, dealing with security issues and explaining the cultural nuances of this newly fashionable destination, Colombia Calling is hosted by Anglo Canadian expat Richard McColl and broadcast on the Overseas Radio Network


Feb 23, 2016

Interviewing native Arizonan Jennie Levitt is a distinct pleasure, why? Well, she's a go getter and a believer and her positive nature shines through as she explains to us all about her projects in Bogota.

With a cookbook coming out in 2017 - including some Colombia-inspired recipes and artwork that Jennie herself did...

Feb 16, 2016

Sometimes in life you are humbled by the selfless actions of others and Dan Eley falls firmly within this category.

On New Year´s Day 2010 Dan´s life changed irreversibly when he suffered a tragic accident near to the Colombian amazon town of Leticia which left him paralysed from the shoulders down.

Directly after...

Feb 2, 2016

It's always a pleasure to have repeat visitors on Colombia Calling and this week we welcome back Sam Miller the Managing Director of Colombia Internationa ( to talk about his predictions for Colombia in 2016.

We asked Sam back on the show on the basis of his newsletter at the beginning of...