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Colombia Calling - The English Voice in Colombia

The Colombia Calling podcast is your first stop magazine-style podcast for everything you ever wanted to know about Colombia. Interviewing experts in the travel industry, deciphering the politics, dealing with security issues and explaining the cultural nuances of this newly fashionable destination, Colombia Calling is hosted by Anglo Canadian expat Richard McColl and broadcast on the Overseas Radio Network


Jan 30, 2024

This week on the Colombia Calling podcast, we discuss Colombian food and observe it through the philosophically tilted lens of expert Juliana Duque.

Halfway between the abstract and the tangible, Colombian cuisine is the taste and the colour of abundance. The fertile soils of the American continent shaped pre-Colombian...

Jan 23, 2024

This week, we are exploring the underground and invisible networks of Colombia – along with some of its strangest and least-understood creatures: fungi.

We’ll be talking about zombie fungi, shamanic fungi and magic mushrooms, the Wood Wide Web, sunscreen spores, makeup fungi, and eco-warrior fungi – plus why this...

Jan 16, 2024

This week, Emily Hart speaks to Cristina Fuentes La Roche, International Director of the Hay Festival, about arts curation and festival-making in the era of Artificial Intelligence and social media - and bringing one of the world's most successful literary festivals to Colombia for the last two decades.

The Hay...

Jan 9, 2024

It's Episode 500 of the Colombia Calling podcast!

Celebrate with us as we chat to Colombia's most famous dancer, Fernando Montaño.

Fernando Montaño was born in Buenaventura on the Pacific coast of Colombia and at the age of 14 won a scholarship to the National Ballet School of Cuba where he won several prizes at...