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Colombia Calling - The English Voice in Colombia

The Colombia Calling podcast is your first stop magazine-style podcast for everything you ever wanted to know about Colombia. Interviewing experts in the travel industry, deciphering the politics, dealing with security issues and explaining the cultural nuances of this newly fashionable destination, Colombia Calling is hosted by Anglo Canadian expat Richard McColl and broadcast on the Overseas Radio Network


Jul 9, 2019

Enfant terrible, journalist and director of the most read news website in English about Colombia, Colombia Reports, Adriaan Alsema can be an interesting character to track down and engage in conversation. Of course, you'll all be familiar with his voice and his news style given that he's been contributing the news segment for the "all new" Colombia Calling podcast style in 2019, and the results have been astonishing. Increased downloads and listeners, broader reach and indeed, more emails to me from happy fans. 

So, we felt that it is time once again to have Alsema back on the show and to talk about the current goings on in Colombia. We discuss corruption, the new political movements taking place, President Duque, the issues surrounding the flight of ex FARC guerrilla Jesus Santrich and delve into a deeper theme of a potential 21st century revolution. At least, that's how Alsema sees it and he's definitely worth listening to on this front. 

So tune in for an interesting look at Colombia this week with me your Colombia Calling host, Richard McColl and the Director of Colombia Reports, Adriaan Alsema.