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This week we invite football journalist Carl Worswick onto the show to talk all things Colombia and in particular about the beautiful game here. Carl tiptoes around the topic of Colombia reaching No 3 in the FIFA World Rankings, where to catch a national team game and discusses some of the more sinister aspects of the sport here such as money laundering and the murder of Andres Escobar in Medellin. Carl brings to life the significance and importance of football and politics here and we gain invaluable insights into society and the state of Colombia as a whole through the sport. Not to be missed for football fans and those interested in Colombia.

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In April of 2006 travelers Karen Catchpole (writer) and Eric Mohl (photographer) left their jobs and apartment in New York City and embarked on the Trans-Americas Journey (, a 200,000 mile cross-country and cross-continental overland drive down the Pan-American Highway. We caught up with them for an interview when they came to host Richard McColl's hotel La Casa Amarilla in Mompos, Colombia. Hear about their epic journey - more than 2400 days on the road - and their thoughts on Colombia. We discuss the challenges faced, the challenges to come and their findings on the road in a tanked up silverado truck. For avid travel enthusiasts, this episode of Colombia Calling is not to be missed.

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This week we detail the story of Courtenay Strickland ( who upped sticks with her husband and infant son to leave life in the US and move to Barranquilla, Colombia. We talk about culture shocks, the differences between parenting in the US and Colombia, the life she has chosen for her family in Colombia and the staggering lack of Pinot Grigio in Barranquilla. Tune in to learn about life in the Colombia Caribbean's most dynamic city.

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This week we detail the remarkable story of See Colombia Travel, one of the most successful blog sites ( in English all about Colombia and their travel agency by the same name. This remarkable husband and wife couple Marcela Mariscal of Colombia and Jose Luis Pastor of Peru have created an award winning site all about the good side to Colombia - but without the fluff and with newsworthy hooks and interesting content. We should also mention that Marcela, Jose Luis and the team at See Colombia Travel aided a Colombian lady abducted from her family in Bogota when she was 4 years of age and then given in adoption to a family in the US. They found Nicole's birth family, the tale of which can now be seen on Nat Geo

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This week we try a different tact and interview a member of the Colombia diaspora in the USA, Luis Eduardo Villamizar. Many Colombians reside abroad and may be do not have the contact that they so crave with the homeland, Luis falls into this category as a first generation Colombian citizen in the USA. Luis is currently putting together the final plans for his long overdue visit to Colombia, the first time in some 40 years and will go in search of his father’s roots on the Colombian Caribbean coast and in to Bogota. He has been putting in the groundwork and Luis’ voyage is being made into a documentary named: “A Journey to Colombia”. Colombia Calling interviews Luis and asks him about his Colombian heritage and hopes for the trip.

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