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Not all tales from Colombia re rosy and this week we talk to Chicago native Justin Cohen. Formerly a teacher in various international schools and now a guidebook writer. After publishing the "Explore Travel Guide Colombia" ( he had to flee Colombia for reasons unknown to us. Cohen is putting the finishing touches to his story of the debacle: "My Epic Failure And Slow Rise From The Abyss" He describes it as an inside look into his story including experiences from when he left the United States to when he traveled and lived in Honduras, Colombia, Taiwan, and Cambodia. Fund his project on Indegogo ( Tune in!

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In a colourful and insightful show we get to speak to Dutch citizen and Medellin resident Adriaan Alsema who after arriving in Colombia saw the need for an all-encompassing news site in English to cover the reality of Colombia. In 2008 Adriaan set up Colombia Reports ( which is now the number one independent news portal for the country. Routinely taking on international journalism interns, Adriaan talks about his thoughts on news reporting in Colombia, the peace dialogues currently taking place in Havana between the FARC guerrillas and the government and his hopes for the future in Colombia. This is a no holds barred interview where no topic is left untouched. Internationalists and journalists should not miss this!

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As anyone who has been to Bogota recently will know, ¡Gringo Tuesdays! ( is a huge success. Hundreds of people attend this social language event every week - students, young professionals, established business people, backpackers, traveling business people all flock to ¡Gringo Tuesdays! to practice their English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Italian and talk about life and their experiences in foreign climes, to dance, to party and to generally have a good time. It is with great pleasure that we at Colombia Calling were able to carve out a moment with one of the founders, US citizen Tiffany Kohl, and talk about this phenomenon and how she and her team revolutionized the Bogota nightlife scene.

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In this unmissable show, Colombia Calling gets the opportunity to speak exclusively to Richard Emblin of the City Paper Bogota ( Colombia’s largest English speaking newspaper. We discuss the newspaper, his editorial line, life in Colombia and the real need for an independent English language publication in Bogota and Colombia. Grappling with the tough issues of how to run a newspaper in today’s economic climate and indeed in Colombia, Richard generously shares his insights on the country and offers advice to those wishing to come to visit or to stay. An important show for journalists and expats alike and for all of those with any interest in Colombia.

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