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Are you struggling to understand the miasma surrounding the upcoming presidential elections in Colombia? If so, then we have a warts and all interview with the editor of Colombia Politics magazine ( Kevin Howlett all about how to better undestand the intrigue and complexities of Colombia’s elections. Will it be the incumbent President Santos again or will the Green Party’s Enrique Peñalosa come good. What of former president Alvaro Uribe’s protege Oscar Zuluaga? We’ll be discussing the candidates, the ongoing saga surrounding Bogota’s Mayor Gustavo Petro and further points of interest.

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Having met journalist Wesley Tomaselli ( when he passed through my hotel in Mompos some months ago, there was something about his manner and carefully sculpted turns of phrase. You could tell that this guy from a small town in upstate New York had something going for him and I knew he would be right for the show. So, be sure to listen in and hear a fascinating interview with a genuine up and coming writer whose work can be read at the highly recommended Beacon project ( and his newspieces about energy markets for Argus Media.

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Argentine Lorena Waserman is an expert in the tourism industry and she brings her knowledge to Colombia Calling talking about Colombia, improvements, the cities, what may be done, what has been done and how we can enjoy Colombia to the fullest. As the brains behind the Linkedin Group “Profesionales de Turismo en Colombia” Lorena brings her know how to the show and shares with us her insights. So, for those people involved in the industry and enjoying Colombia this is a fascinating show with unlimited opportunity to hear the informed opinions of Lorena Waserman.

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Based in the city of Popayan in southern Colombia, Australian born Alex Egerton ( is a world traveller, journalist, adventurer and Lonley Planet author. Colombia Calling had the opportunity to get together with the author of the Lonely Planet Guide to Colombia over tea on a rare trip to Bogota and chat. We talk shop, travel, security in Colombia and how we can see the evolution of the travel industry here in Colombia. To enjoy a frank conversation with a true expert on Colombia tune in to hear tales from this outspoken travel personality. As they say here in Colombia: “Alex no tiene pelos en la lengua.”

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