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In an dynamic and fun episode we get together with Suzie Q (Hoban) of the Colombian Chocolate Club ( and Karen Attman of Flavors of Bogotá ( to discuss two of my favourite vices....Chocolate and Coffee.

Both Attman and Hoban are working hard and have succeeded in expanding the offer available to visitors coming to Bogotá with both coffee and chocolate experiences. But, Episode 180 is not just about what these entrepreneurs and experts in some of the finer things in life can offer you, but also what you as a consumer can offer to the small coffee and cacao producer in Colombia by purchasing their products.

We take a Colombian geography lesson through the different regions of Colombia and the Chocolate and Coffee offerings they provide us with and the resulting episode is not only for foodies and travellers, but for those interested in the far-reaching importance of a quality and locally sourced product.

Be sure to check out their websites and of course, purchase Attman's popular book entitled: "Permission to Slurp", all about Colombian coffee and now available on Amazon.


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Did you hear the story about the young economist from the Czech Republic who decided to give up a stable job in Prague, come to Colombia and teach himself how to make chocolate?

No, well it's not suprising since Jiri Petrak's tale is one of derring do up there with the most impressive of stories. Self-educated in the world of cacao and having gleaned how to make chocolate (in his Colombian girlfriend's kitchen when she is away on business!) from, Jiri has become a regular feature negotiating with Cacao farmers in Granada, Meta and selling his impressive product in the cafés of Bogotá's colonial Candelaria district.

Tune in to this Episode 179 to be inspired by a story of stubborness and creativity in the world of Czech "punk" chocolate production with

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This week we get to sit down with Joelle and Alexander of Peaceworks - a Swedish NGO - which works in the empowerment of young people in Colombia with a focus on sustainable peace and a non-violent approach.

Perhaps their most important task is to provide youth organizations by giving them methodological and judicial advice and additionally providing micro funding to organizations that have a project or an idea related to creating a culture of peace and to strengthening young and marginalized people in Colombia.

So, we get to chat about the future plans being organized by Peaceworks, the details of a 20 person exchange program they are organizing for ex combatants in Colombia and further information about what they are so admirably doing here.

Check out their website and donate here!

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With Colombia's President Santos lauding the possibilities for tourism growth in post conflict Colombia, we take a look around the recent annual Anato Tourism fair in Bogotá and share our thoughts on the future of this growth industry for the country.

Certainly, tourism will increase now that some of the inaccurate and negative perceptions and images of Colombia are being laid to rest such as those of terrorism, violence and kidnapping. But, are the political powers that be addressing an appropriate brand management for Colombia? Are the strategic infrastructure challenges being addressed and how does the price of the US dollar come in to play?

In 2016 Colombia received 5,100,000 tourists and in 2017 we are aiming for 5,300,000. Is there are robust plan in place? Will corruption continue to stifle growth? How will the tax reforms affect tourism and will the country's bureaucratic miasma continue?

This is an informant piece where the questions are asked and discussed by your host Richard McColl

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