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In a show dedicated completely to property investment in Colombia, we call on the expertise of Sam Miller, Director of Colombia International ( a multinational real estate company located in Bogota. They pride themselves on providing simplified, professional and tailored services for real estate transactions and investments in Colombia. And this being Colombia, it pays to go to a middle man who knows the finance structures, the legal requirements and the potential bureaucratic pitfalls. We talk prices, is there a property bubble in Colombia, real estate in Bogota, Medellin and Cartagena and all about the new requirements for constructions in the capital city. Thinking of investing in real estate here? Tune in!

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Thinking of opening or taking on a business in Colombia or perhaps even of teaching English as a foreign language, we talk to Briton Mark Firth about the realities and cultural conflicts that exist in Colombia. With years of experience under his belt Mark Firth ( is a qualified Business Trainer with a decade of experience from London's square mile, but now, looking for a new lifestyle and challenges, he is here in Colombia, living in Bogota and offering his services to enable the smooth running and transition for international companies thinking of branching out here. Don't miss this show and Firth's invaluable insights into the cultural nuances of business in Colombia.

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Having been on the road since 2007, Tampa native Jasmine Stephenson now calls the vibrant and enticing city of Medellin her home. Jasmine, through her blog ( and her online business Virtual Employee Genius ( has achieved a dream that is accessible to most but too much of a leap for many. Jasmine can work from wherever she wants and has carved out an enviable lifestyle for herself in Medellin. Colombia Calling gets to speak to her and find out about the secrets to her success, her likes and loves in Medellin and plans for the future. For those thinking of hitting the road and worried about income, this show is not to be missed.

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Meet Gringa Colombiana (, an Anglo Colombian lady who, after a lifetime of living in London, decided to try moving to Colombia and getting in touch with her Colombian roots. Here at Colombia Calling we get to speak to her one year after her arrival and hear of her likes and dislikes, the challenges faced and bested and why moving to Colombia was definitely the right decision for her at this stage of her life. Half Colombian, half English and raised in London, this is the story of her journey to live in Colombia and discover her heritage. As always, it's the little things that become the most trying as an expat and for both your host and GC, the absence of good cheddar cheese in a Bogota supermarket is most upsetting

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