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Given Colombia’s political and social isolation it comes as no suprise that levels of English spoken here are pretty poor, but, things are changing as the game changes here. Companies are seeking employees with language capabilities as the business world in Colombia changes. This week we talk to texan Eric Tabone of Bogota Business English ( who, on seeing a gap in the market for a high quality, top level English institute set up his business in Bogota. We talk about opening a business, how he came to be here, who are his target clientele and how he sees the company growing. Stay tuned if you are thinking of coming to Colombia to teach English as BBE will shortly be launching a teacher trainer program.

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Having just co authored and released the immensely successful book, “Colombia a Comedy of Errors”, Sergio Lievano took the time to chat with us here at Colombia Calling to give us an insight into the inspiration for this new publication. We talked about what it means to be a Colombian, the trauma of the national identity, the language and finally the “beautiful” errors in life that make us take decisions as we do. Alongside former interviewee Victoria Kellaway ( they have created what could conceivably be the blueprint text for all of those interested in learning about this country. There are chapters on the regions, on justice, on famous Colombians and what’s more they tell it as it is. A wonderful read.

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On Colombia Calling we are continually on the lookout for people really making a life of it here in Colombia and this week we are particularly pleased to have Briton Tom Willat on the show telling us about how he saw an opening in the market while working in Bogota for multinational, subsequently opened his own publishing house and now produces the only spanish language magazine dedicated to the energy sector ( He is also working on a “Best of Colombia” book and in his spare time, with his business associate Jack Ruane, on the road to producing Colombia’s first cider brewery. Talk about making a go of it in Colombia. We’ll be toasting him long in the future should the cider be a flavoursome and refreshing product!


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This week we get together with US citizen and resident of Bogota, Matt Rines, who, after three years working in a location independent capacity, has decided to take the plunge and open his own restaurant in Cota on the outskirts of the Colombian capital city. We talk about the proposed menu (American), the decor, the setup, his business plan and of course, we get to wade a little through the legal intricacies here in Colombia and the paperwork required of a small business owner. His restaurant, “American Kitchen” can be found on Facebook and will be opening in May, so watch this space and check back on the website ( to find out all of the up to date news and insights about Matt’s new venture here in Colombia.

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