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Australian writer Sarah Duncan is a regular suitcase packer, professional list maker and travel writer who is happiest when she’s sitting in a busy café with a pot of tea and good book. She writes about travel, food and what it’s like to live in Colombia on her travel but we get her on Colombia Calling to talk about her love of Colombia and then give us an insight into her new and free e-book “How to Quit your Job and Travel the World”. Tune in to listen to this unofficial ambassador for Colombia tell us about her experiences and inspiration found in Colombia.

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The Colombian presidential elections have come and gone with incumbent Juan Manuel Santos set to be sworn in for his second term of August 7. This week we break down the results of the elections and discuss, with two analysts Kevin Howlett ( and Mark Kennedy (, what this means for the peace dialogues in Cuba with the FARC guerrillas, the possibility of peace dialogues with the ELN guerrillas and the importance of a strong opposition led by former Colombian president Alvaro Uribe. Tune in for a full dialogue on where Colombia finds herself politically at this moment.

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Every now and then a young enterprise comes along and shakes things up, this is exactly what I felt when I was invited to experience Bogota through the five senses with 5Bogota ( Theirs is something new and fresh and these vibrant young Bogotanos are out to revolutionize how we discover and enjoy an often maligned city. 5Bogota has turned tourism in the capital on its head and is going about promoting their city in a fresh and interesting fashion. Highly recommended, great fun and a break from the norm. Colombia Calling wholeheartedly endorses 5Bogota.

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It’s our long-awaited World Cup special with football journalist Carl Worswick joining us in the studio before heading off to cover Colombia’s games for ESPN. We’ll be talking about Colombia’s chances against the likes of the Ivory Coast, Greece and Japan in their first World Cup tournament since France 1998. Of course there’s the pressing detail of the second round of the presidential elections on June 15, the day after Colombia’s opening game against Greece. Politics and sports will once again merge here in Colombia. A fascinating take on the game for those interested in following the sporting feats of James Rodriguez and Teofilo Gutierrez in Brazil. Who will be the standout players and who will flatter to deceive?

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I am not a gambling man, in fact I’m not very good with numbers, but this week we have a true master of the art on the show. Dan Kaiser, a US citizen, has been down here in Bogota for almost a decade and he is the owner of one of the capital city’s most visited casinos, the Rockerfeller. Listen to Colombia Calling interview Dan Kaiser about the business of running a casino in Colombia, the clientele he receives and some of the anecdotes…ever heard the one about the patron who attempted to gamble away a defibrillator? Well, Dan Kaiser has lived it and it’s not all Vegas bling, this is Bogota.

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