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As everyone is doing it, and so have we, and here on Episode 253 of the Colombia Calling podcast we sit down in Bogotá with Sergio Guzman, Director of the political risk consultancy, Colombia Risk Analysis ( to talk about President Ivan Duque's first 100 days in power. 

Colombia Risk Analysis is a political risk consultancy which seeks to provide its clients with analysis, context and projections about the political, economic and social environment that affects Colombia and the region. And so, we put Guzman to the test and hear his thoughts on President Duque. 

Spoiler Alert: President Duque has a challenging time ahead of him! 

Tune in to hear an account of politics, scandals, economics and of course intrigue.

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For Episode 252 of the Colombia Calling podcast we were honoured to be invited to the offices of the editorial Semana in Bogotá to talk to Paola Forero, the Director of Operations for the publication "Semana Rural." We discussed the challenges facing various regions of Colombia in terms of tourism and infrastructure and how Semana is teaming up to help non-traditional areas in getting on the tourism ladder. Not only is Semana Rural as a newspaper, reaching 13 of the towns which were hardest hit by the long-running conflict in Colombia, there is also a handy APP created to provide you with all the information needed to travel to these regions. So, tune in for an interesting episode about the potential future of tourism and reconciliation in Colombia and be sure to download the APP: ARRANCA!

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On Episode 251 of the Colombia Calling podcast we are able to chat to an academic from North America who has been exploring the dimensions of "demobilization" of guerrilla outfits such as the FARC and ELN in Colombia. On the condition of anonymity, we discuss some fascinating issues which are taking place in the reincorporation process of the FARC. We discuss the reality of the Zones of Transition where the FARC are living, how they see themselves, how they view the Colombian government, what their fears are and the stigmas surrounding them. There are also some topics we touch on which have not seen the light of day in neither the Colombian nor international press

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This week on our landmark Ep250 of the Colombia Calling podcast, we are on the line to Medellin with Australian journalist Andrew Wight. 

Specialising in Science-focused stories, Andrew tells us about some of the most interesting things taking place in the field in Colombia right now, regarding coffee protection, the health consequences of Venezuelan migrations into the Guajira, the X syndrome in Antioquia, instances of juvenile Alzheimers in Colombia and the opportunity to chart and report on formerly out of bounds areas known as Zonas Calientes or Zonas Rojas across the country due to the long running conflict. 

We also discuss the issue of Cassandra Sainsbury, the young australian drugs mule caught at Bogotá's El Dorado airport and how Andrew decided best to report on this story. 

Tune in for a fantastic and informed conversation as always on the Colombia Calling podcast

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