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In Episode 168, we close out the year with a remarkable interview with sociocultural anthropologist and documentary artist from the US Alex Fattal. To many, Fattal needs no introduction as he is a widely published author, academic and assistant professor at U Penn.

Fattal examines the central role that the media plays in Colombia's armed conflict. With a particular interest in the shifting techniques of warfare in the twenty-first century and the ways strategies, tactics, and practices of representation have come to occupy increasingly important roles in asymmetrical conflicts, he speaks to us about his relationship with Colombia, his two book and one film project in the pipeline for 2018.

If you want to hear about how, as a young Fullbright Scholar, Fattal ended up in the down-at-heal neighbourhood of Altos de Cazuca near to Bogotá to embark on a seven-year project involving photography with the sector's children, tune in. Tune in to hear of his book and movie projects and for a perfectly balanced understanding of the Colombian conflict.

Here's to 2016 and looking forward to a great 2017.

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This week is yet another good news story and one which I am particularly pleased to bring you as we sit down with Diego Avila, a Colombian marine biologist who, with his brother, developed the App and social network in order to increase an understanding and appreciation of the marine world.

Seak (i.e. Sea and Seek) encourages users to locate, photograph and map marine species using Google Maps and to collect basic data about the sea (temperature, visibility, depth etc.) that will help to enable people anywhere to have access and learn about the sea.

Based on a community of users who are continually building a database that integrates common and scientific knowledge into a single communal view of the sea. Seak becomes the eyes under the sea for those who don’t know what exists below water.

And, the Avila brothers have not stopped there, they now have as well so that you land-based folk can participate too in photographing and mapping wildlife species.


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In this week's show, I do an "informant" style piece and only subject you to a 16 minute dialogue about what "peace 2.0 with the FARC guerrillas" in Colombia really means.

I know that sometimes it can be too much to read the ins and outs of a peace agreement, to know a little of the intricacies of Colombian law and follow who approves and who is in opposition and so, as a student of this peace process, I try and keep it simple and clear and lay it all out for you, my listener.

What are the impacts of the new peace deal? Who will benefit? Why is the government of President Santos pushing for a "fast track" and more, all here revealed in Episode 166.

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