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Many of us have dreamt of making the move overseas and opening a small business, there are those of us who have done and those amongst who sit idly by, but Australian expat in Bogota, Darren Crockett is far from the latter. 

Moving to Colombia from Germany with his Colombian wife, Crockett launched an ambitious plan to open up the "Gourmet Burger Bar," serving, as you would expect, hamburgers, vegetarian and vegan options, drinks and finger foods. And it's been a success as he and his wife have opened a second site in Chapinero (Calle 45 and Caracas) to compliment the first location in the district of Englativa. 

Crockett and his team have plenty of ambition, hoping to open further locations soon and seeking investors. Tune in to this episode No 288 of the Colombia Calling podcast to hear about a success story and the trials and challenges that he has bested along the way. 

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This week on the Colombia Calling podcast, we talk to Sam Castañeda Holdren, a transplant from the US to Medellin where he has launched the successful, "Out in Colombia," travel agency. 

Out in Colombia ( is a socially responsible LGBT travel and tourism agency specializing in tailor made and concierge-style travel to Colombia. We discuss how people have responded to a LGBT travel agency in this part of the world and some of the challenges faced. 

Sam relocated to Medellin, Colombia in early 2015 after making his first trip in 2013 to study Spanish at a local language school. Originally from California, he's spent time in Phoenix, Tucson and Boston, where he advocated for equality, working for various LGBT foundations, advocacy groups and community centers.

So be sure to tune in to the episode to hear about the success story of another expat in Colombia who saw a niche in the market and an opportunity and is making something of it.

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On the Colombia Calling episode this week we get to speak to Colombian science journalist Tania Valbuena in Bogotá. After spending time in the Colombian military, she moved into public health policy and epidemiology before decided that journalism was her true passion. Now, she works in ensuring that the projects and discoveries made by scientists in the global south can be shared and communicated to the people. We talk about resiliant communities, vulnerable communities, her work in the district of Usme with sdisplaced people from the Pacific coast and how the city of Medellin came to win the right to host the 2021 congress for the World Federation of Science Journalists. Tune in to a fascinating show which gives an insight into science for peace here in Colombia

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On Ep285 we welcome back Wally Broderick (Ep135 Prisons in Colombia) who is now involved in a fascinating project of brewing craft beers with ex FARC guerrillas now reincorporated into Colombian society. 

In the area La Fila of the municipality of Icononzo in the department of Tolima, location of the "Territorial Space for Training and Reincorporation" ETCR Antonio Nariño, inhabited by ex-guerrillas of the FARC EP, a group of men and women prepare 150 liters of beer weekly. 

This beer is known as "La Roja", and can be easily recognized by the telltale revolutionary star on the label. 

This venture began in mid-September 2018, and by all accounts is now a success with various bars, pubs and restaurants around the country stocking the irsh-style brew.

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