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Colombians are known for studying abroad and so what of those foreigners that come to study degree programs in Colombia? This week we talk to Briton Tara Daze who moved with her Colombian husband to Bogota and has been studying for a Masters in Journalism at perhaps the country's most prestigious university. How does it rate, what does she think of the course, has it been worthwhile, how is she treated as the only non Hispanic student in the class? We discuss these issues and her current challenge of learning to drive in Colombia and the bureaucracy involved in taking the driving test. Check out further updates at

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Intent on making the most of his imminent move to Barranquilla, the Colombian Caribbean's most dynamic business city, Nicaraguan emigre to Toronto, Canada Will Castillo ( has set about creating an informative and honest website aimed at people thinking of making the move. Seeing a paucity of information in English about the city, Will decided to set up Barranquilla Living ( Offering insights, tips, pointers and even advice on where to live, Will has created a website that could be the framework for many other start ups in cities around Colombia. We talk to Will before the big move, about his hopes, concerns and we plan on checking back in with him in a year and hearing the reality.

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Dutchman Tim Buendia was so captivated by the town of Aracataca, the birthplace of the Colombian Nobel prize winning author Gabriel Garcia Marquez, that he decided to make it his home. Working with local politicians and tourism offices this unlikely Dutchman became the new face of Aracataca, appearing in the national and international press, he opened a hostel (, he started giving tours and making appeals for a more just and inclusive society for the town but now, after years of struggle, we speak to Tim and his decision to call it a day and move on. Tim will not be abandoning Aracataca but he will start to promote the region from overseas. Tune in to hear about the “100 Years of Solitude” affecting Aracataca.

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Easing in to 2014 we sit down with British writer and expat Vicki Kellaway here in tropical Mompos (hence the crickets in the background!), better known perhaps as blogger at Banana Skin Flip Flops ( and we talk about the creative process behind writing, how Colombia aids this, her impending book launch at the Bogota Book Fair in March and all about the "Group of 13". Vicki regales us with anecdotes, speaks of her experiences of being a TEDx speaker in Bogota in 2013 and about life in general and her hopes for Colombia in this year of presidential elections.

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