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We all strive for editorial integrity and this week's show is a stand out as we have Nicholas Gill ( a freelance travel, culture and culinary journalist originally from Ohio but now resident of Brooklyn, NY here with Colombia Calling in Mompos, Colombia. Gill contributes frequently to the New York Times, CondeNast Traveler, New York Magazine, in fact, check out any quality travel publication and his byline is bound to pop up. He is also the author of various travel guides. We talk about the recent restaurant awards in Lima and the evolution of the Colombian food scene. It is a real pleasure to speak to someone so committed to complete and accurate travel journalism, check out his blog

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Tony Clark and his partner Kim both from Scotland decided to settle in Popayan, Colombia roughly seven years ago. They first started the incredibly successful Hosteltrail website ( providing unheard of as yet information about how to travel in South and Central America, then they set up a hostel and then another one! If you thought that this resourceful would stop there, no, they have created the region's first "off-grid" home where they live just outside of Popayan and started the town's bicycle share scheme. We managed to get to speak to Tony in one of his few moments of downtime. We talk about life and travel in Colombia, their projects and really, how the last seven years have panned out for them in this country.

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In the wake of the nationwide strikes which paralyzed Colombia for a fortnight and in some regions continue, with the ongoing peace dialogues between the Government and the FARC guerrillas, unrest in most sectors of the country from the teachers to the miners and the truck drivers, we at Colombia Calling feel that it is high time to focus on the political angle once more with our friendly expert and pundit Kevin Howlett of Howlett will clarify some of the political intrigue taking place at the moment and set the scene for the presidential elections in 2014. Never a dull moment here on Colombia Calling. Tune in and don't miss out!

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This week we get to talk to Briton Vicki Kellaway the author behind the BananaSkinFlipFlops blog ( about living in Colombia, travel in Colombia and her very erudite and observational writing style. Do you know that her blog has won awards? That she is creating a map for the different districts in Bogota regarding their commerce (Buttons, pets, nuts and bolts, leather jackets and so on), and we feel honoured to speak to this established writer and listen to her opinions and views. And in case you are in two minds about the show, we get an exclusive from Vicki. Look out for this writer, you heard it here first on Colombia Calling, she’s going places.

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This week we interview two Englishmen Tim Woodhouse and Milo Butterick who gave up everything in the UK and came out to start life in Bucaramanga, Santander. Amongst their projects a hostel called Kasa Guane Bucaramanga ( and a foundation called Goals for Peace International - Goles por la Paz in Spanish - ( This is a sport for peace and development project aimed at empowering at-risk youth and children to initiate change, promote proactive reform and develop a culture of peace in their communities through the power of sport. Join me in hearing their inspirational story and involvement in Colombia. 

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