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In this week's show, we welcome back Eric Tabone who first joined us back in the early days of the Colombia Calling podcast speaking about his business: Beyond Business English (

This week, on Ep313 we share a number of anecdotes from his wedding in Ocana, Norte de Santander and mine in the coastal city of Cartagena. I think that the best advice we can both give you as to how to best survive and enjoy a wedding in Colombia is to expect the unexpected and totally throw yourself into the spirit of the event.

We'd love to hear back from all of you out there about your wedding experiences here in Colombia. I am sure we could collate a great number of hilarious stories.

In the meantime, tune in to this podcast for a humourous look at the wedding extravaganza here.

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In Ep312 of the Colombia Calling podcast, location independent professional Jeff Brown revisits us to reflect on his extended travel in the country. In an open discussion, we hear about some advice on where to go, where to avoid and personal insights about poorly managed and favourably managed tourist destination.

Brown discusses his love for Colombia's coffee region and Colombian people and the diversity on places to visit in the country.

As tourism is only going to increase in Colombia, it seems only appropriate to consider thinking about how Colombia could potentially better organize herself in terms of looking within, at some of the unique offerings found at home rather than seeking out western or northern european influences.

Tune in to a fascinating travel-related episode as we approach the annual ANATO travel and tourism fair on Bogotá at the end of February.

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In our first political episode for 2020, Colombia Calling is joined by the unnamed creator of a website designed to highlight the stories left uncovered in the mainstream international press. Neither leftwing nor rightwing, Mikolombia is nothing if not controversial, but the idea is, at the very least, to open a debate.

MiKolombia (MiKo) is a loose connection of Colombian and foreign journalists, analysts, misfits and provocateurs who are unhappy with the country’s current course. They feel there is a vast undercurrent of important perspectives that are under-valued or ignored by conventional news media. Their website is a space to heap scorn on, and rail against, the ignorance, greed and corruption that are the sources of Colombia’s problems. Most of these problems are not exclusive to this country and its people, nor are they inevitable. Another country is possible – a Colombia that could and even should be better, even if many Colombians don’t believe it themselves.

Check out the website and write for them if you feel inspired.

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Fresh from their December trip to Colombia's Caribbean coast and the Sierra Nevada mountains, women birders, Eliana Ardila (Colombia) and Bryony Angell (USA) join the Colombia Calling podcast to share some of their experiences and feedback and anecdotes about this country's embarrassment of riches when it comes to birdwatching.

Bringing years of experience and enthusiasm, we learn about Ardila's vehicular adventures (see: Birding by Bus) and Angell's reporting for various outlets (see:

Why go birding in Colombia? Colombia is home to more than 1,900 bird species with new birds being identified all the time. That’s almost 20 per cent of the world’s bird species. Bird watchers often make several trips to Colombia, seeking endemic, resident and migratory birds including more than 150 hummingbird species, 200 flycatchers and 140 tanagers in bird sites as diverse as vast tropical rainforests and the high-altitude Andes mountains.

Women Birders: I'll admit that I'm a complete novice to birding and so, this is where I let Angell and Ardila take over and explain the difference between women birders and their preferences and the camaraderie that takes place in what is believed to be a male-dominated field.

Tune in for a fascinating episode

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