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Tackling one of the most sensitive subjects regarding the ongoing conflict in Colombia, we host Colombia expert Paula Delgado Kling ( on to the show to talk about the Peace Dialogues between the government and the FARC guerrillas, her book on the touchy subject of the recruitment and demobilization of child soldiers by the guerrillas and President Santos' gamble on granting impunity to ex-combatants and how this may well pan out for him on Wall Street. This is a highly charged and emotional show and will change the way you look at the Colombian conflict.

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Showing true star quality we host author Carolina Doherty de Novoa from Northern Ireland on Colombia Calling to discuss her highly praised novel "Dancing with Statues" ( and the relevance it has today with the ongoing peace dialogues in Colombia and her own experiences in a similar situation in Northern Ireland. Originally a lawyer we discuss her pro bono work here in Colombia and some of the nuances of the legal trade here, her new venture of for the discerning lady about Bogota-town and her other enterprise Does Caroline ever rest? Find out in this frank and descriptive interview with a highly rated writer now resident in Bogota with her husband and her words.

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Visitors to Bogota always comment on the high quality graffiti or urban art they see covering the city’s walls, in fact, there is even an immensely popular Graffiti Tour ( to take in some keys sites in the downtown Candelaria district. So, on the strength of this art scene, we invited famed old school Bogotano street artist DjLu (, international street painter Crisp ( and British documentary maker Sophie Trew ( to talk about this social art movement taking over the “no man’s land” of Bogota. With insightful and personal anecdotes, we think this forum on graffiti is phenomenal.

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In a profoundly personal and humorous show, we talk to Briton Claire Austin ( and her experiences of having a child in Bogota, Colombia, far removed from her comfort zone of the UK. Claire shares her insights of the process, the Colombian health system, her fears and hopes of raising Niko here in Colombia and the support network provided to her by her extended Colombian family. Originally from Essex, UK, Claire is frank about her lack of Spanish at the beginning of her stay, she speaks of the Colombia education system and how she has made a life in Bogota. A must listen show for any expecting mothers or any families thinking of having and raising a child overseas.

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